In this show, host Kevin Solway and guest Father Peter Bowes explore a very broad range of matters from the nature of God and its consciousness, the self, reincarnation, the soul and the nature of good and evil, to marriage and relationships, women and the spiritual path, and the nature and status of Jesus.   Father Peter brings his own Gnostic perspectives - unconventional by mainstream Christian standards  - to each of these issues.   This show will appeal to those with Christian sympathies but who also have a distaste for the spiritual rigidity of typical Christian churches.



Guest Bio: 

Father Peter Bowes

FATHER PETER BOWES is a Christian mystic, ordained priest, Master Teacher of Christian mysticism and the co-director of a mystical Christian Order and school that has spiritual centers called, Centers of Light in 13 cities. He was trained by the Holy Order of Mans in the 1970's and was ordained a minister in 1974. He started four Christian Communities in Indianapolis, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, California and Bloomington, Indiana. In 1982, Master Raeson Ruiz from the Holy Order of Mans ordained him a Priest and Teacher. He has been teaching and training people ever since, and in 1999 co-founded the current Order with Mother Clare Watts, who is also a Priest and Teacher. He is the author of 3 books entitled "The Word Within”, “The Radical Path” and “Spiritual Astrology.” Father Peter received his
Masters and Doctoral degrees from Indiana University in Educational Psychology and practiced psychology for many years. He has two grown daughters and is presently residing in Oakland, California.  He travels nationally every week to give seminars on the Inner Path. He has also been a featured guest on several radio broadcast programs. He devotes his time to
teaching, writing and creating devotional music. On his website, he reads from his book, “The Word Within” as well as other topics of interest to the spiritual seeker, such as, “Quieting the Mind” and “Beginning the Spiritual Path”.

In addition, Father Peter has written and recorded 7 successful CD’s of  devotional music - infusing folk/rock and evoking the essence of ancient Christian Mystical experience.  Visit to hear his music. Also you can hear his music on  and read  his most recent blog on


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