In what will prove to be the Reasoning Show's most controversial production to date, host Dan Rowden and guests Rich Zubaty and Sue Hindmarsh walk the oily tightrope of the issue of Feminism and attempt to stride the gaping chasm of Woman without losing their footing and falling in headlong.    In this episode we look at the politics, psychology and spirituality of the feminist movement and the female nature per se.  Has feminism damaged or improved society and women's place in it?  Have men been falsely demonised so as to facilitate feminist demands?  Are women conscious of the dynamics involved?  You be the judge.



Guest Bio: 

Rich Zubaty

Rich Zubaty (1948-) is an author, artist, anti-war activist, podcaster, father, carpenter, world traveler, fisherman, free lance monk and unreconstructed beatnik. Born in Chicago, he has lived in Europe, Asia, India, Australia, the South Pacific, North and South America, writing, filming, podcasting, trading work for food and shelter, and examining how people live. His two passionate topics are:

* Equal Treatment for Men
* Stop Corporate Colonialism

Rich Zubaty Web Site

Wikipedia Article on Rich

Brief Bio:

While a student at the University of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago Zubaty refused his student deferment from the Vietnam War. In 1970, with the FBI on his heels, he left the country to study filmmaking in Paris – and apart from a pit stop in Hawaii where his two kids were born, he’s been traveling the world ever since. A bitter divorce, wherein he lost contact with his son and daughter, prompted him to write Surviving the Feminization of America (1993), which was reissued as What Men Know That Women Don't in 2001. His first hand exposure to corporate abuses in foreign lands, far off the radar screen of U.S. media, compelled him to write The Corporate Cult. And Your Brain Is Not Your Own was the product of 28 years of dabbling in fiction, trying to bring his pro male/anti corporate issues together into one funny novel.

Burned out on writing, in 2002 he started painting oils again. But in March of 2003, when the bombs went off in Baghdad, and Vietnam era flashbacks tormented his sleep, he threw down his paint brushes and flew twice around the globe advocating in TV, radio and print, against the George Bush presidency and the Iraq War. The Populist Newz and Corporate Vampires DVDs were the products of this campaign.

With the invention of podcasting, whereby an artist/producer is able to take his audio product directly to the market, without corporate censorship, Zubaty invented a character called The Rude Guy and took creative flight again, welcoming people online to The Reality Cult, “the show that’s about ideas”.


What Men Know That Women Don't... Good news for men. A deep examination of the fundamental differences between men and women, and how to honor both.

The Corporate Cult...Are corporations too powerful? Are they rotting your soul? Are corporations cults?

Your Brain Is Not Your Own... A goofy novel about men, women, the mythology of science, and the "meaning" of evolution

Water People...A deep dive into male flavoured spirituality


The Rude Guy
 Outrageous audio rants and stories about Rich's foreign travels, philosophies, political ideas, and readings from his books.

Give a listen at:

DVD Movies:

Corporate Vampires... Are corporations vampires? Not just metaphorically, but really really vampires?

The Populist Newz... A theatrical parade of a half million anti-Iraq War protesters in New York City in 2004

Oil Paintings:

Dubbed a "Third World Millet" by the Puffin Foundation in Teaneck, New Jersey, Rich Zubaty is currently painting a series of large oils called "Disappearing Lifestyles" to honor those men and women still living thousand-year-old, sustainable lifestyles — farming, fishing, weaving — who are threatened with extermination by the global corporate colossus.

Click here to see more Oil Paintings


Guest Bio: 

Sue Hindmarsh


Sue Hindmarsh (1958-) is an independent philosophic thinker who has a strong interest in masculine and feminine psychology. This interest grew out of frustration with normal feminism and its focus on promoting the feminine over the masculine.  After twenty years of investigation, she has concluded that men and women are mentally poles apart and that a highly-developed masculine psychology is critical to spiritual progress. She communicates her ideas on internet forums, blogs and newspapers, and is currently writing a book entitled, “Deadly Illusions”, which she plans to release next year.


Ominously, she states that she is the only female feminist in the world, but is confident her work will change that statistic.

You can follow Sue's philosophical ideas via Genius Forum.

Sue can be contacted by email: sh58[at]


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